Double trouble





My goodness what an amazing time we just had. We had to set back our meet up by one day because hubby had to work late. I patiently awaited the arrival of our friend, I debated all morning if I should wear something naughty or just be naked under a bathrobe, I figured the robe would be sufficient. As I sat at our kitchen counter I heard a knock at the door, excited and nervous I felt a warmness travel through my body. As expected hubbys friend walked in, he walked over and kindly greeted me. As he leaned in for a hug his hand slid up my robe and his fingers brushed against my thigh almost to my moist pussy. We all sat down on the sofa, the hubby on one side and his friend on the other. Hubby looked over to his friend and asked “you ready” and his friend smiled. My hubby stood up and unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to his ankles along with his boxers and sat back down. His friend also stood up and took off his pants and boxers. My heat began racing as I sat between to naked cocks. I leaned over to my hubby and kissed him before lowering my mouth onto his cock. His friend slowly rubbed on my thigh as his hand made its way between my legs. His fingers rubbed against my soaking wet lips, with my hubby’s big cock swelling in my mouth I let out a moan as his fiends fingers entered me, he slowly fingered me while running his thumb against me anus. My hubby looked down to me and said, “get on the floor on your knees”. I did as I was told and kneeled before my master, his friend kneeled behind me. I began to suck my hubbys cock again, I felt his friends hard cock press against my lips, his hands gripped my waist and he slowly slid his cock inside me. It felt so amaizing. I began to suck my hubbys cock like the dirty slut I am, his friend thrusted harder and I began to gag on my hubbys cock. His friend said to my hubby “her pussy is fucking good ” he asked me” do you like that baby?” He began to fuck me with force and I moand ” yes, fuck me”. My hubby pressed my head down further making me gag uncontrollably. He told his friend  that we should go to the bed. As we walked in to the room his friend sat on the bed, my hubby looked at me and said “bend over and suck his dick” I leaned over and took his friends shaft in my hand and began to suck him, hubby stood behind and slid his cock inside me and began to thrust me like he was trying to kill me, with every pump I gagged on his friends cock. I couldn’t help but to moan with a mouth full of cock as I orgasmed. After a nice pounding, hubby let off and said “let him have some fun”. I laid on the bed as his friend got on top of me. I jerked on his hard cock and put my legs up. He pressed against my lips and began to fuck me. I looked over to my hubby and saw his swollen cock was in his hand slowly jerking to the sight of me getting fucked. His friend thrusted and thrusted until finally I orgasmed. He asked me to turn around and get on my hands and knees. He began to pound me until I heard him moan “I’m going to cum” I turned towards him as he pulled off the condom and jerked his cock. He moaned as his cum came shooting onto my face like a rocket. I grabbed it and began to suck it as he kept cumming. He sat in bed breathless and said “fuck your amazing” I smiled and said thank you. I looked at hubby and said “fuck me daddy” hubby pushed me unto my back and gabbed my hips to pull me close, and he began to fuck me like a wild man, my head smashed against the head board as his cock drove deep inside me, I looked at his fiend who was jerking himself hard again. Hubby told me to turn onto my stomach and lay flat. His cock thrust into me so hard that it felt like he was in my stomach. He thrusted harder and faster as I orgasmed with pleaseure. He told me to turn around again. This time as he thrusted the fuck out of me, I felt his friend slide his finger in my ass. I orgasmed once again. Hubby began to breathe hard and moaned louder until he said that magic words “I’m gonna cum, fuck I’m going to cum” I sat up and stroked his cock as I sucked,  he pulled back and jerked his cock, load after load shot onto my face, I grabbed his cock and tried to suck whatever drops of cum he had left, as I sucked his friend stood next to us and said “I have to cum again ” hubby looked and said “go for it” with my hubbys cocks still in my mouth his friend began to cum on my face. I grabbed his cock and sucked him just in time to catch another load, I jerked both thier cocks at the same time, switching back in fourth sucking them. What a wonder Saturday afternoon.






Flash back to our threesome

This is a short clip from one of the times hubby shared me with our friend, the lighting was horrible but you can leave it up to your imagination. I was very timid about the whole idea, but when I saw the pleasure in my hubbys eyes it made me feel sexy. There’s something about getting fucked and sucking a cock at the same time that makes you feel slutty and sexy all at the same time.​

Double fuck day

I woke up so horny this morning, as hubby came in from his morning run I couldn’t help but to tell him to let me suck his cock. I kneeled in front of him and pulled down his shorts and boxers and immediately began to suck him like a mad women. He placed both his hands on my head and pulled my hair as I gaged on his cock. I felt extra slutty this morning so I told him to bend over the edge of the bed. As he did I spread his ass and began to lick his hole. As I buried my face in his ass I reached around with my other hand and took his swollen cock and began to jerk him. He moaned with pleasure as my tongue entered him as my other hand jerked violently. He turned around and shoved his cock in my mouth making me gag as his big cock touched the back of my throat. I gabbed his ass and began to suck him hard as he thrusted my mouth. As I sucked I snuck a finger around and presssed it against his anus slowly sliding it in. Siliva dripped from my chin as I sucked him off, I could feel him clinching and then the magic words “I’m going to cum” I looked up and said ” cum on my face” “call me a slut” I opened my mouth and he jerked himself, the sight of him pleasuring himself had me soaking wet. He came closer to me and said “I’m cumming” as he jerked his cock spewed a load right into my mouth, he moaned “you fucking slut, oh fuck, take that cum bitch” I took his cock and drained his theast juices into my mouth. He leaned down and kissed me. What a fucking morning, can’t wait to have to big cocks in me later 😍😍😍

Planning tomorrow’s adventure

As my readers may already know, the hubby and I have a couple that we are very close with. Last time we were together the hubby and his friend got to double team his friends wife. Tomorrow we met with them again and this time it’s my turn. I’ve been thinking about it every since hubby fucked me this morning. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. I’m going to see if I can get hubby to let me suck his cock along with his friends, that is if I can fit them both in my mouth lol. 

Warm cum before bed

I had never had a request to make videos until yesterday, the thought never crossed my mind, but I admit it was kinda naughty and hot. Today I had another request, this time it was to give hubby a blowjob and let him release inside my mouth. The thought of it had me wet. As we laid naked in our room I decided to put on some porn. As we watched it I could feel hubbys cock getting hard against my ass. I put on the hooker red lipstick he loves and he immediately knew I was about to suck him off. Instead of the dirty fast blowjobs I give him, I told him I was going to go slow until he filled my mouth with his warm goo. The head alone wasn’t enough for him though, he just finished fucking my brains out and letting off another load inside me. I guess it’s time to go to bed, enjoy……😉​

Hubby is home

As soon as he walked into the room I was sitting at the end of the bed naked and waiting, without talking he came in, put his stuff down and walked over to me, he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me close to him as he passionately kissed me then licked my neck. He took a step back and pulled down his pants, I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer pulling down his boxers as I brought him towards me. The sight of his cock swinging free instantly made me wet. I grabbed his shaft and licked the tip all the way down to his balls, it didn’t take long for his cock to swell in my hand, he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth, I gagged with each thrust. He pushed me on to my back and dropped to his knees and buried his face between my legs, his tongue flicked my clit as he fingered me, I couldn’t help but to orgasm, I heard him moan as I lightly squirted on his face. He stood up and shoved his swollen cock inside my soaking wet pussy, he grabbed my hips and violently thrusted me, it wasn’t long until I came again, this time gushing juices out of me, he kept pounding me as my juice sprayed out. He pulled out and laid on the bed and told me to ride him. I stood up and faced away from him, slowly lowering myself onto his shaft, I grinded on him until he was almost all the way inside me and then I went at him like a cowgirl trying to stay on a bull, my orgasm was almost instant as he wiggled his hips to make his cock go deeper inside me. I stood and and told him to fuck me doggie style, I got onto my knees as he crept up behind me. He slipped in the tip and slowly thrusted me, he grabbed my hips and I looked back and told him “fuck me like you hate me” that was enough to get him energized as he rammed his cock in and out of me like he was trying to kill me. I could hear his moan building up, I knew he was getting ready to blow his load, he thrusted me harder as my head hit the headboard, he moaned out “I’m going fucking cum” I looked back and told him “cum in my mouth baby” he pulled out and stood up on the bed and kneeled in front of him and began to suck him hard, he grabbed my head and yelled “oh fuck” I grabbed his ass and held him as his cock throbbed emptying his big load inside my mouth, I kept sucking him as his cum was dripping from my mouth, his knees shook as he kept shooting his load. He moand “oh fuck you fucking slut, oh fuck” he pulled out and jerked his cock as another small load shot onto my face, I stood up and said “thats right I am your slut” and leaned over and kissed him. I thought he needed a good dirty fuck after his long shit. Afterwards  we laid on the bed and I decided to use my feet to get his cock hard again so we could go for round 2.

One last orgasm to help me sleep

I finally got to talk to the hubby, I sent him a video of me fingering myself and he returned the favor by sending me a video of him jerking his big cock till it exploded. I told him a reader had requested a video and he told me to go for it. I don’t ever do this and the moment felt right so I decided to make it. Its a quick video of me masturbating with two of my favorite little toys. Have a wonderful night everyone and enjoy.

Orgasm after a long day

Today was such a crazy day at work. The hubby had a long night at work so I haven’t talked to him much. Im sure he’s going to need a good blowjob when he gets home. I was ready to go home an hour into my shift. I took advantage of my alone time and got myself off. After taking a shower I’m still super wet and I’m still super horny lol, I can’t wait for that man to be home tomorrow.







Hubby is away and I’m horny

I hate when hubby leaves for work, don’t get me wrong I love the freedom and sanity lol but I think all women are like that. We love our men but every now and then we need some us time. We didn’t have time for any anal this morning, he was running late and I know he just wanted to release himself before he had to go back. It’s almost time to wind down, it was a hectic day to say the least and I needed my own release so I thought i’d get one of the toys out. It’s been about 2 weeks since he’s fucked me in the ass, not that he doesn’t want to, its just been a crazy schedule for the both of us. I don’t like to bother so instead I decided to let my toy take care of me, it felt so fucking amazing, I love having an orgasm from anal, it made my pussy squirt a little. Now I have to do some laundry but it was well worth it. Just sent hubby the video….enjoy.