Trying to make a deal

As we laid in bed after about an hour and a half of nasty sweaty sex, I turned to hubby and told him one of my fantasies. In my fantasy hubby comes home and I push him on the bed and command him to get on his hands and knees, I crawl on the bed behind him wearing a strap on and begin to fuck him until he moans my name…….he’s not going for it lol, I mean it’s only fair, I’ve let him ram his big ass cock in my ass, I should be able to use more than my tongue and fingers…….wishful thinking but it will happen. 

Day off sex

It’s rare that hubby and I have the same days off, it’s even more rare that we can sleep in. I was awoken this morning by hubbys hand rubbing against my clit and his cock slapping against my ass, I didn’t hesitate to lift up my leg so he could slide inside me. He had me lay on my stomach as he pounded the life out of me. I didn’t even get to give him a blowjob, he fucked me until I felt his cock throbbing inside me, I could feel the cum flowing out of me…….what a morning!!!!

Welcome home

After sexting back and fourth the last couple of days I knew hubby was ready for something special. He came home and dropped his stuff down on the ground and walked towards me. I was leaning against the counter drinking coffee when he came up from behind and kissed my neck, I turned to kiss him as his hand slipped down the front of my panties and rubbed against my clit. He told me he loved me and missed me, he removed his hand from my panties and told me he was going to take a shower. I sat on the bed and waited for him to come out. He walked out the bathroom with his cock swinging freely, still wet from his shower. I looked up and asked him “do you want me to make you cum?” Now ladies this is very important, sometimes you have to be a slut in the bedroom. I took his cock in one hand and brought him close with the other and began to suck him like he had been gone for years. He looked in my eyes and smiled, all while using his hands to guide my mouth. After a about 10

minutes of sucking the life out of him I began to go slow and looked at him and said “cum on my face baby”. I slowly teased and stroked his cock until it finally erupted all over my mouth…….what a way to start this morning. Enjoy…………

A little naughty time

Uggghhhh I hate when hubby works, seems like it take forever for him to come home. It’s even worse when I’m in the mood for being naughty, usually id sneak over and get freaky but he’s been busy. Had a long day today and of coarse I felt the need for some loving but I know I have to wait till tomorrow. I thought i’d bring out one of my special toys. It took a very very long time to get use to it but OMG it feels soooooo amazing and the orgasm along with it is breath taking. Every now and then some ass play is necessary and if it wasn’t for hubby’s big dick I probably would have never put anything back there. Thank goodness I have because its an amazing feeling. Enjoy………





Finally finished 

What a lazy day, I on and off cleaned, I can’t believe  how many underwear I own, I wish I could fit some of these still lol. Eventually I’ll make time for the gym, but hubby loves me how I am and our friends don’t complain. I even found part of our collection stuffed in the back of the closet. I hope everyone has a good night. 


Any of my readers have the whisper app? I’ve become very fond of it, except the pervs that try to message lol that gets annoying. If you haven’t seen it or used it, it’s a app used to tell your secrets without anyone knowing it’s you. I use it with hubby to role play.  I love teasing him while he’s at work. 

Perfect example of pervs messaging .

Sunday cleaning

While the hubby is at work I guess I will take advantage of my day off and organize. I came to the conclusion that I have way to many underwear, I have three drawers full. I wish I could get hubby to get rid of some of his clothes to make room for more of mine lol. Although he owns about forty pairs of boxer briefs and about twenty pairs of compression shorts, and more shoes than me lol. I guess I will finish up cleaning and watch some football in the process. A very productive/non productive Sunday.





How we deal with our sexual lifestyle.

This is a question that I get a lot. Our life wasn’t always this wild, in fact there was a time when we really didn’t know what the future held, but rather than give up we pushed forward and worked on us. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that our sex life took a turn from non existent to wild and freaky. We talked about our fantasies, and our desires. I was very skeptical about bringing in another women at first, but I wanted to give my man the ultimate pleaseure. It turned out to be great idea because I also received pleasure from it. It was hubbys idea to become even more sexual and invite a couple into our lives. Luckily it turned out to be a very much needed addition to our life. We have our ups and downs like any couple, that’s marriage, but we trust each other, we understand our wants and needs and we strive to fulfill them. I’m sure to most it may seem gross or odd, but we don’t do this all the time. We are not constantly having the couple over, it’s all pre planned. Do I get worried the hubby may stray and find someone else, what married women doesn’t? Sure their are the slutty butts that want his cock but he they won’t do for him what I have so I really don’t let it cross my mind. It’s called love, sometimes you have to risk a little to get rewarded. That’s what our sex life is founded on, as well as our marriage. 

Dick for dessert 

Just finished up dinner and dick for dessert. I don’t know what it is about hubbys cock that I just want to suck it every time I see it. It’s always like the first time seeing it. Tonight as he got out of the shower I waited for him on the bed. He came out drying himself, his cock hanging freely. I motioned him over with my finger and told him to lay down. I whispered in his ear “do you want me to suck your cock?” He smiled, as I made my way down I lifted his shaft and licked his balls, I jerked him as I made my way to his ass. He placed his hand on my head as my tongue pressed against his ass and he moaned. I made my way up and took his hard cock into my mouth. I began to suck the tip until it was red and swollen and then I began to take it as far as I could before gagging. He grabbed my head and began thrusting my mouth, making me gag on each thrust. I jerked faster as I sucked, he moaned with pleasure. As I felt him getting close I slid my finger into his ass, he moaned louder as I sucked and pressed my finger inside him, his breathing became faster. As I continued to finger him he said “I’m going to cum baby, suck it harder” “you like that ?” I asked and began to suck him harder making myself gag on his cock. He thrusted his hips and yelled out ” suck that shit ” It tuned me on and I sucked even harder, he said ” I’m cumming oh fuck oh fuck” as my mouth filled with his warm load, I pressed my finger harder inside him, it seemed like it made him cum more, it filed my mouth and hit my throat, I pulled it out and it kept contracting and shooting cum. I pulled my finger out and he let out another moan. He looked at me and said ” holy shit that felt fucking good” I smiled and laid back and said “your turn you fucking slut”

Double trouble





My goodness what an amazing time we just had. We had to set back our meet up by one day because hubby had to work late. I patiently awaited the arrival of our friend, I debated all morning if I should wear something naughty or just be naked under a bathrobe, I figured the robe would be sufficient. As I sat at our kitchen counter I heard a knock at the door, excited and nervous I felt a warmness travel through my body. As expected hubbys friend walked in, he walked over and kindly greeted me. As he leaned in for a hug his hand slid up my robe and his fingers brushed against my thigh almost to my moist pussy. We all sat down on the sofa, the hubby on one side and his friend on the other. Hubby looked over to his friend and asked “you ready” and his friend smiled. My hubby stood up and unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to his ankles along with his boxers and sat back down. His friend also stood up and took off his pants and boxers. My heat began racing as I sat between to naked cocks. I leaned over to my hubby and kissed him before lowering my mouth onto his cock. His friend slowly rubbed on my thigh as his hand made its way between my legs. His fingers rubbed against my soaking wet lips, with my hubby’s big cock swelling in my mouth I let out a moan as his fiends fingers entered me, he slowly fingered me while running his thumb against me anus. My hubby looked down to me and said, “get on the floor on your knees”. I did as I was told and kneeled before my master, his friend kneeled behind me. I began to suck my hubbys cock again, I felt his friends hard cock press against my lips, his hands gripped my waist and he slowly slid his cock inside me. It felt so amaizing. I began to suck my hubbys cock like the dirty slut I am, his friend thrusted harder and I began to gag on my hubbys cock. His friend said to my hubby “her pussy is fucking good ” he asked me” do you like that baby?” He began to fuck me with force and I moand ” yes, fuck me”. My hubby pressed my head down further making me gag uncontrollably. He told his friend  that we should go to the bed. As we walked in to the room his friend sat on the bed, my hubby looked at me and said “bend over and suck his dick” I leaned over and took his friends shaft in my hand and began to suck him, hubby stood behind and slid his cock inside me and began to thrust me like he was trying to kill me, with every pump I gagged on his friends cock. I couldn’t help but to moan with a mouth full of cock as I orgasmed. After a nice pounding, hubby let off and said “let him have some fun”. I laid on the bed as his friend got on top of me. I jerked on his hard cock and put my legs up. He pressed against my lips and began to fuck me. I looked over to my hubby and saw his swollen cock was in his hand slowly jerking to the sight of me getting fucked. His friend thrusted and thrusted until finally I orgasmed. He asked me to turn around and get on my hands and knees. He began to pound me until I heard him moan “I’m going to cum” I turned towards him as he pulled off the condom and jerked his cock. He moaned as his cum came shooting onto my face like a rocket. I grabbed it and began to suck it as he kept cumming. He sat in bed breathless and said “fuck your amazing” I smiled and said thank you. I looked at hubby and said “fuck me daddy” hubby pushed me unto my back and gabbed my hips to pull me close, and he began to fuck me like a wild man, my head smashed against the head board as his cock drove deep inside me, I looked at his fiend who was jerking himself hard again. Hubby told me to turn onto my stomach and lay flat. His cock thrust into me so hard that it felt like he was in my stomach. He thrusted harder and faster as I orgasmed with pleaseure. He told me to turn around again. This time as he thrusted the fuck out of me, I felt his friend slide his finger in my ass. I orgasmed once again. Hubby began to breathe hard and moaned louder until he said that magic words “I’m gonna cum, fuck I’m going to cum” I sat up and stroked his cock as I sucked,  he pulled back and jerked his cock, load after load shot onto my face, I grabbed his cock and tried to suck whatever drops of cum he had left, as I sucked his friend stood next to us and said “I have to cum again ” hubby looked and said “go for it” with my hubbys cocks still in my mouth his friend began to cum on my face. I grabbed his cock and sucked him just in time to catch another load, I jerked both thier cocks at the same time, switching back in fourth sucking them. What a wonder Saturday afternoon.