Sending him off to work

Since the hubby was getting ready to leave for a few days for work I thought id make his morning. As hubby laid in bed still naked from last night, I thought i’d start his day off right. When he woke up and started to get dressed I told him to sit down for a few, as he sat I crawled between his legs and grabbed a hold of his cock. I placed the lips around the head of it and slowly sucked it like a lolly pop. I grabbed the base of it and ran my tongue all the way down his balls, lifting them up and teasing his asshole. I started to stroke his cock as my finger and tongue pushed inside his ass, I began to suck him, with my finger still penetrating his ass. I sucked harder and faster as I pushed my finger in deeper, I knew I was pushing on his prostate because his toes began to curl, his breathing became heavy and he pushed my head down on his cock, I gagged as his cock fucked my throat, and then the magic words “I’m going to cum” with excitement I fingered his ass faster and he immediately filled my mouth with warm gooey cum, he began thrusting his cock in my mouth as cum kept shooting from it until it was spilling out of my mouth and down his shaft, I licked him clean like a good little slut. He laid back in bed for a few minutes, I stroked his cock and it wasn’t long till he was hard again, he stood at the foot of the bed and grabbed me by the ankles placing me in front of him. He pushed his big hard cock into my soaking wet pussy, he grabbed my hip and started to thrust the fucking life out of me, I yelled and moaned as his cock pushed deeper and deeper inside me, it hurt but it felt so amazing, he let go with one hand and started to rub my clit, I could feel my orgasm coming, he knew it and started to pound me even harder, I couldn’t hold back ,and as I orgasmed my pussy started to gush as I squirted all over him and the bed, he started to thrust faster as he moaned, he mad a growling sound and he thrusted harder and faster, he let out a loud moan and I felt his cock throbbing as it filled my pussy with cum. I sat up and licked his cock clean once again, this time giving him a intimate kiss. We showered and he continued to get ready for work. Happy Sunday!!


untitled (1 of 1)-56untitled (1 of 1)-57


16 thoughts on “Sending him off to work

  1. That is a lot of length to take inside you, judging by those very hot pictures! You are very good if you can take your husband entirely during sex! πŸ˜€

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