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As all my readers may already know, my hubby and I have a very wild relationship, we have swung with other couples, we have watched each other have sex with another person, and to be honest our relationship and sex life has never been better. Last week hubby invited his friend over for a BBQ and some drinks. My hubby told me his friend had just went though a break up where he found out his gf was sleeping with his co-worker. To say the least its been tough for him, he told me I should go inside and talk to him, I smiled and said ok, then hubby said “I told him about us” “you should make a move”. I walked in and started to small talk with him, he immediately started to talk about his ex and you could tell he was getting upset. It seemed like the poor guy was going to cry, I gave him a hug that lasted like forever and I whispered “I can make you feel a little better” as we hugged I unzipped his pants and shoved my hand into his boxers, he started to breathe heavy and said “your husbands outside” I kissed his neck and told him “he won’t mind”. I felt his cock swell in my hand as I jerked him, I dropped to my knees and licked the tip of his cock, I started to suck him as he leaned up against the counter, hubby walked in and I could feel his friend tense up, I looked up at him and told him to relax, hubby came up next to him and dropped his pants, I grabbed hubby cock and stroked it while I blew his friend, then I switched over to hubby, I could see his friend staring at the sight of hubby rock hard cock, it wasn’t long before he was playing with himself to the sight of us. We went over to the living room, I bent over and my hubby immediately started to pound my soaking wet pussy, his friend stood in front of me as I started to suck him, choking every time my hubby pounded me. It wasn’t long that we were on the floor, my pussy full of hubby big dick and my mouth full of his friends cock. I could feel his friend throbbing, it wasn’t long before he was going to explode and he hadn’t even fucked me. I think he just wanted to enjoy a good blowjob so I kept on, he started to pull my hair, hubby started to pound me harder and faster, I let out a loud moan as I started cumming, that was enough for his friend to let go, he looked at me and said “I’m going to cum, Im going to cum” I stated to suck faster and he pulled my hair and let out a ‘OH FUCK OH FUCK” my mouth filled with his warm cum as I kept sucking and jerking, he said “FUCK FUCK FUCK OH FUCK” I left hubby grab my hips hard as he pounded me, I looked back and told him “in my mouth” he pulled out and started to jerk his cock as it exploded all over my face and in my mouth, I even think his friend was a victim of his exploding cock. I sucked hubby until he released all his cum inside my mouth. I kissed his friend and told him thank you, I headed to the shower and we continued our BBQ afterwards.

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