Wake and fuck

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I felt hubby get out of bed early this morning for his workout. He came back an hour later and jumped in the shower, as he walked out I turned towards him just in time to see his big cock hanging freely. He walked to the kitchen to have his morning cup of coffee, the sight of his cock was enough to make my pussy wet. I got up and walked into the kitchen, he was leaning against the counter naked and siping on his coffee. I walked over and gave him a kiss, running my hand down his shaft. He looked at me and smiled, I started to kiss his neck and down to his chest, I felt his hand on my head as he pushed me down to his cock that was already starting to get hard. I grabbed the shaft and started to slow suck it until it was fully erect, he sipped his coffee with one hand and his other hand pushed my head deeper onto his cock. He set his coffee down and told me to bend over the counter, he stuck his fingers inside my pussy and lubed his cock with my juices. He slowly slid it in, I pressed my face against the counter, he grabbed a hand full of hair, he gripped my hips and started to thrust his hard cock deep inside me. I moaned louder and louder with every thrust. I looked back and told him I wanted to ride him. I grabbed a sheet from the dryer and laid it on the sofa, I told him to lay down. I faced away from him and slowly guided his cock inside me. I started to rock back and fourth on it, and then I went hard at him like I was riding a bull, I kept going faster and faster, his cock felt like it was hitting the back of my pussy, the pain was pleasurable as I let out a loud orgasm. He told me to keep going because he was getting ready to cum. I started to bounce up and down on his cock, I could see his toes started to curl and his breathing became heavy. I could feel another orgasm coming, I went faster and faster, his breathing got faster and his moans got louder, I told him to wait because I wanted to cum with him. He grabbed my hips and thrusted me, I let out a scream as I started to orgasm, my pussy started to squirt, I felt his cock throb as it started to fill my pussy with cum. A shock went through my body as his sat on his cock, his cum running out of my pussy and all over him. He was laying in a puddle full of my pussy juices. I looked back at him and asked if he had some cum for my mouth, he smiled and I got off his cock and lowered my head to it. I grabbed it and started to suck and jerk him, he told me he was going to cum so I sucked faster, he moaned and shot his warm cum into my mouth, I cleaned his mess and gave him a passionate kiss to thank him for a great morning.


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