Dick for dessert

I walked up in front of him and then knelt before his erection. I reached out grabbed it and did my best to take it slow. I  explored him before taking him into my mouth. I spend as much time as I could bobbing on him. I stopped to tell him how much I loved sucking his big cock and I knew my jaw was going to start hurting soon. He just smiled and put his hands on my shoulders as I continued  pleasing him. “I’m going to cum,” he said as he grabbed the back of my head gently. I didn’t stop and soon he was cumming into my mouth. I was so turned on that I didn’t even stop sucking until he told me too. I hadn’t swallowed him in a few days, I didn’t mind though. I wanted more of him, I had to have more, he had me like putty in his hands now. “How long do you need before you’re ready again?” And before I knew it he was smacking it across the face with it, I sucked him furiously this time until once again I took his cum like the little cum slut I am…..ALL HIS!!!
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