Our very first anal experience

Several years ago at a work Christmas party, I got really drunk. I mean like really, really drunk. Falling down, talking gibberish kind of drunk. My husband got me home and walked me up and down the street a couple of times to help sober me up. A little later, we started making out, and then the hot sex began. At some point during our fucking we started our anal adventure together. I have to admit I don’t remember a lot about that first time, but I enjoyed it enough that we tried it again a couple of nights later and we have never looked back. To back up a bit my husband and I had been together for about 9 years at this point and had been talking about anal play for most of those years. We both had an interest in it but, as it was my ass that was going to be penetrated by his almost 9 inch cock, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do it. The thought of it always turned me on in that I want to be a dirty, bad girl kind of way, but the fear of the pain always stopped me. So back to my incredibly drunken night where there was no thought of fear or really much thought at all and here we were having anal sex. Since that first night 7 years ago, we have almost exclusively had anal sex. We both really love it that much. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having my pussy fucked, but there is something so hot and sexy and primal about feeling my husband’s big hard cock in my ass. One of the hottest parts of the experience for me is when my husband cums in my ass. Oh my God it is so damn sexy! Feeling his hot juices squirt deep into my ass gets my pussy so wet and makes me feel like I am being a dirty slut just for him. When I feel him starting to cum, I try to really grind my ass onto his dick so I can feel every drop. One of the things we both enjoy about anal is the dirty talk we do during. I love when my husband calls me his anal slut while pumping is gorgeous dick in and out of my ass. I also tell him how much I love being his anal slut while he is pounding me, and it is so sexy. The fact that we have only shared anal with each other makes it more intimate to me, and I love being an anal slut just for him. One of our favorite things to do when its just us is to take trips out of town and stay at hotels and fuck in front of the open windows in our room. Once we added anal to our sex life, this became even hotter. One of my favorite times was when we stayed at a resort that had a golf course, and we had a little cabin that overlooked the course. After a Mexican dinner with a pitcher of yummy margaritas, we went back to our cabin and got it on. We chose one of the huge sliding glass doors in the living room to fuck in front of. It was so hot being bent over with my hands on the glass door while my husband pounded my ass. I knew nobody could see us, but there were people out on the course milling about so that added an element of hotness to it. And the next night we fucked in front of the window in the bedroom. Great trip. One of my long-standing fantasies that I’ve shared with my husband is two men fucking me at once. After we began our anal adventures, a new layer was added to that. In my fantasy, my husband is fucking my ass while another man is sucking my tits and playing with my pussy, to say the least, its already happened.


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