Face Fucked

I was laying on the bed playing with my vibrator when my hubby walked in, he loves to watch me pleasure myself. It didn’t take long for him to undress, he stood next to the bed naked and hard, the site of his big juicy cock made my juices flow, I rubbed my clit as he slide his fingers in me, my toes curled as I let out an explosive orgasm. He told me to lay on my stomach, he ran his fingers through my hair as he gripped the back of my neck, he looked at me  and said “suck my dick” he gripped my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, taking as much of that big cock as I could take, my eyes watered as he held his cock in my throat, he slowly pulled it out and then quickly rammed it back in my throat, again he held his cock in my throat. I’ve been sucking his cock for years and I sill can’t get used to trying to deep throat him. I looked up at him as I was chocking on his cock, he looked down and said “I’m going to fuck your mouth”, he gripped my neck with both hands and slowly started to pump my mouth with his cock, every thrust he went deeper into my mouth, I slide my vibrator under his balls and up against his ass, he started to fuck my mouth even faster, his cock ramming my throat, I gagged with each thrust. I turned my vibrator to the highest speed as it was pressed against his ass, he moaned and started to go faster, he looked at me and said “I’m going to fucking cum” he pulled  out and started jerk his cock, I dropped my vibrator and grabbed his ass to pull him close, taking his cock as deep as I could, he squeezed my neck and pulled my hair with the other hand, he let out a loud moan saying “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” his cock started to throb and finally he exploded, my mouth filled with his huge load of warm cum, it dripped out of my mouth as I sucked hard, taking every last drop. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and swallowed his load, I jerked his cock only to be surprised my another gush of cum shoot on to my face, I cleaned it off with my fingers and licked them, I stood up and passionately kissed him, his cum still on my lips, he bent me over on the bed and smacked the hell out of my ass. We ended our night with a shower.


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