Mrs. I’m in control

My hubby likes to think he’s in charge in the bedroom, don’t get me wrong he is amazing in the sheets and he certainly knows how to make me orgasm, but we all know women have all the control. He had a long day from working around the house, he laid in bed next to me and I started to rub up on him, hinting that I wanted some sex, he said he was tiered and wasn’t up for it, me being the demanding one, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began kissing his neck, then down his chest and belly, then nibbled on his hips and along the inside of his thighs. I nudged at his balls and slowly, gently licked and sucked one into my mouth, and then the other. I looked up at him, He didn’t seem to be thinking about painting the ceiling. His cock was already hard and straining as I licked up its underside. I ran my tongue along the head and into the crease, then I slid my lips over the head. I began slowly sliding my mouth down the shaft, with my tongue working the underside. I looked up again, with his cock in my mouth. I seemed to have his attention. I would slide down an inch, licking to keep him wet, then increase pressure as I pulled my mouth up to the tip, then slide down a couple of inches, increase pressure and pull up again, then do it again a little further. My hand was on his belly; I could feel him breathing shallowly. I laughed to myself. Mr. “I’m In Control Around Here” was melting in my hands. Suddenly, he reached around to the base of my neck, twisted my hair around his hand a couple of times and used it to shove my face onto his cock. I gagged; my hubby is not a small man. He held me down like that, with his cock deep in my throat. I was choking and struggling, but that didn’t seem to faze him. He tightened his grip, and pulled me off his cock, but only to the tip. He held me there for a moment, then plunged me back onto it. I gagged, and drool began to pool at the base of his cock. He pulled me up again, then began to face fuck me, rhythmically pushing me down and yanking me back up, with a firm grip on my hair and the base of my neck. My eyes were watering, but after a minute or so I was accustomed to being deep-throated by him and no longer gagged at each plunge onto his cock. After a few minutes, he pulled me up, half an inch from the tip of his cock, and held me there. I could see his cock, but I could no longer touch it or taste it. I grabbed his hands and pined them down and quickly straddled his hard cock, his hands still pinned to the side I began to ride the fuck out of him, I could feel him getting ready to explode, he put his hands on my hips to slow me down, I grabbed them and pinned him back down, I went faster and faster until he let out a moan, I kept grinding him as he whimpered like a wounded puppy, I could feel him throbbing inside me and I could feel his juices running out of me, I kept going faster until he finally broke free and pulled me close. I kissed his head and whispered “I just made you my bitch” he laughed and said “thats no lie” we ended our evening with a nice shower.


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