I’m his slut

Sometimes our sex is soft and tender, making love. However, sometimes it’s rough and raw, hot fucking. I received a text yesterday from my hubby. He wrote, “I’m horny. I need my cock sucked and fucked. Some woman will have my cock in her mouth and pussy this afternoon. Are YOU interested?” I replied, “Yes, I am. I want your cock, I need your cock! Just tell me where and when.” He then wrote, “Hmmm, doesn’t sound like you want it badly enough. I’ll have someone else do it.” I pleaded, “Nooo! Pleeease let me do it.” He then denied and teased me, “Sorry, you don’t sound eager enough. I’ll have someone else take care of my cock. Then the only question I have for you is whether you prefer that I just describe it to you after, take pix for you, or let you listen to the sucking and fucking sounds on the phone?” Getting wetter, I replied, “That sounds fucking hot and YES I would want all three options. But my pussy is dripping wet right now for your big, hard cock. I NEED it. I will do anything for it. ANYTHING… just name it.” He agreed and commanded, “Okay, first you must be ready to meet where and when I text without delay.” “I will be ready and waiting… and very wet.” More command, “Second, with a marker, you must write on your body that you’re my personal cock slut.” Again accepting, “Gladly! I AM your personal cock slut. I will do anything for you and your cock.” “Lastly, when you see me, you are not allowed to speak. You must drop to your knees and start sucking my cock. No words, just sucking and fucking from my cock slut.” My excited reply, “Fuck yes. Whatever you want. I am your personal cock slut and cum whore.” During and after this text, I fucked my pussy with my fingers and toys to a few orgasms. I could not wait for the next text with his instructions. In preparation, I wrote his name and cock slut on the inside of my thigh. I sent him a couple of photos of it… and my wet pussy. Thankfully, he seemed pleased. It seemed like forever (actually only 90 minutes) when I eventually received the text. , I rubbed my wet pussy some more. We met at the house. As instructed, I did not say a word. When we got into the room, I dropped to my knees like a good cocksucker and opened his pants. I love when his big hard cock pops out in my face. He grabbed my hair with one hand and his cock with the other. He started to slap his big cock against my face. He commanded, “You can talk now, but only to beg.” Opening my mouth for words – and more – I said, “Yes, please let me suck your cock. I need it in my mouth now. I can’t wait to get my lips around it. Let your cock slut show you what a good cocksucker she is.” I proceeded to suck his cock like it was water in the desert. Then I started to

lick up and down his long shaft. He told me to lick his balls. He said that he hoped that they were sweaty and dirty for his dirty, cock sucking slut whore. Yes, they were sweaty, but tasted even more delicious. I love the flavor of my man! Then he told me to show him how much I really wanted to fuck him by sticking my tongue in his ass as far as I could. Lucky for both of us, I have a long, eager tongue and will do anything to please him. Next, he ordered me to take off my clothes and to get on the bed and spread my wet pussy open for him. As usual, he began to tease my throbbing pussy with his cock. He gave me only an inch at a time, slowly, while I begged for all of his fat eight inches, fast and hard. He stopped to take a few pictures for us… and you. The delay was agonizing, but hot and sexy as with everything that he does. He then told me to turn around, get on my knees and elbows so he could fuck his slut from behind. That allowed him to pull my hair and slap my ass while he fucked me. That’s my favorite. We came together. As his hot cum filled my pussy, I was the happiest girl in world, knowing that I was able to please him and that I got to cum, as well, a half dozen times throughout the process. He told me what a hot, fucking slut that I am. He asked, “Who owns your pussy?” “You do. Only you. You can have my pussy, mouth and ass anytime that you want it. It’s all yours; just ask for it or better yet, just fucking take it.” After that, we laid in bed, arm in arm, kissing, cuddling, talking about our day and making family plans for the weekend. We are one-hundred percent committed and faithful to each other. Well, unless you consider the other women that we play with together as cheating. We do not. I am a one-cock woman and do anything he tells me to do… anything . Fortunately, while we do push the envelope, he would never ask or tell me to do something that makes me uncomfortable.

I’m A Cock Sucker

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I don’t know what it is about my hubbies cock that makes me just want to wrap my lips around it and suck it. Maybe it’s because the thought of him filling my mouth with is big load makes me feel like I’m his slut, or maybe its because I gag on it because its so big. This morning as I was walking into the bathroom he was stepping out of the shower, he was drying himself off, his beautiful cock was hanging there freely. I told him good morning and gave him a kiss as he was putting on his boxers, I couldn’t help it so I dropped to my knees and pulled down the front of his boxers and took the tip into my mouth, slowly I started to inch more of it into my mouth until the tip was hitting my throat, He grabbed my head and pulled it out to the tip and then jammed it in my throat and held it there, I started to gag and my eyes began to water. I squeezed my nails into his ass and he backed off. I pushed him against the bathroom sink and began to go to work on his big hard cock, I sucked hard as I gagged every time it hit my throat, he pulled my hair as I sucked him off like a dirty little slut. He looked down to me and said “fuck you suck dick so good” I looked at him and replied “yeah? am I a good cock sucker? am I your little slut? call me your slut” I began sucking even faster, he pulled my hair pushing his cock as deep as he could down my throat before I gagged again, he looked at me and said “suck it you little slut, make me cum” I started to jerk him off as I licked his balls and then placed his cock back in my mouth and violently started sucking it, his breathing got faster, I could fell it swelling in my mouth, I sucked harder and faster and then he said the magic words “I’m going to cum, suck it you slut” I jerked him as I sucked and I heard him moan, he pulled my hair with both hands as he tried to free his cock from my mouth, I grabbed his ass and held him there as his cock exploded inside my mouth. My mouth quickly began to fill with his big load, his cock throbbed as it shot load after load of cum, I wanted to be even sluttier so I tried to deep throat it, I gagged as cum came running out of my mouth and down his balls and to the floor, my neck and tits were covered with cum, he moaned and whimpered like a wounded little puppy as he laid back on the bathroom sink. I looked at him and smiled, he stayed silent, breathing hard and then said “fuck you are amazing” I looked at him and smiled, I replied “thank you baby, thats what sluts do, and Im your slut” he smiled. It looks like I was the one that needed the shower now, I invited him to join me and he did, what a wonderful morning.

Our very first anal experience

Several years ago at a work Christmas party, I got really drunk. I mean like really, really drunk. Falling down, talking gibberish kind of drunk. My husband got me home and walked me up and down the street a couple of times to help sober me up. A little later, we started making out, and then the hot sex began. At some point during our fucking we started our anal adventure together. I have to admit I don’t remember a lot about that first time, but I enjoyed it enough that we tried it again a couple of nights later and we have never looked back. To back up a bit my husband and I had been together for about 9 years at this point and had been talking about anal play for most of those years. We both had an interest in it but, as it was my ass that was going to be penetrated by his almost 9 inch cock, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do it. The thought of it always turned me on in that I want to be a dirty, bad girl kind of way, but the fear of the pain always stopped me. So back to my incredibly drunken night where there was no thought of fear or really much thought at all and here we were having anal sex. Since that first night 7 years ago, we have almost exclusively had anal sex. We both really love it that much. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having my pussy fucked, but there is something so hot and sexy and primal about feeling my husband’s big hard cock in my ass. One of the hottest parts of the experience for me is when my husband cums in my ass. Oh my God it is so damn sexy! Feeling his hot juices squirt deep into my ass gets my pussy so wet and makes me feel like I am being a dirty slut just for him. When I feel him starting to cum, I try to really grind my ass onto his dick so I can feel every drop. One of the things we both enjoy about anal is the dirty talk we do during. I love when my husband calls me his anal slut while pumping is gorgeous dick in and out of my ass. I also tell him how much I love being his anal slut while he is pounding me, and it is so sexy. The fact that we have only shared anal with each other makes it more intimate to me, and I love being an anal slut just for him. One of our favorite things to do when its just us is to take trips out of town and stay at hotels and fuck in front of the open windows in our room. Once we added anal to our sex life, this became even hotter. One of my favorite times was when we stayed at a resort that had a golf course, and we had a little cabin that overlooked the course. After a Mexican dinner with a pitcher of yummy margaritas, we went back to our cabin and got it on. We chose one of the huge sliding glass doors in the living room to fuck in front of. It was so hot being bent over with my hands on the glass door while my husband pounded my ass. I knew nobody could see us, but there were people out on the course milling about so that added an element of hotness to it. And the next night we fucked in front of the window in the bedroom. Great trip. One of my long-standing fantasies that I’ve shared with my husband is two men fucking me at once. After we began our anal adventures, a new layer was added to that. In my fantasy, my husband is fucking my ass while another man is sucking my tits and playing with my pussy, to say the least, its already happened.


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Wake up sex

My alarm went off at 4:45 am, I had to get up and get ready for work. As I sat up in bed I looked over at my husband laying next to me, his cock at full attention, it made me wonder what he was dreaming of, I mean he wakes up hard all the time but not like this. I thought I’d take advantage of him, I leaned over and licked the tip of his cock, I ran my tongue along the tip and down his long shaft down to his balls and back up. He woke up and smiled and grabbed my hair and rammed his cock down my throat, I started to suck it fast, jerking it as my mouth moved up and down, I slipped off my panties and climbed on top. I grabbed his rock hard cock and guided it into my already moist pussy, I slowly lowered myself onto it and began to grind on him. I pinned his hands to his side as I started bucking on that big cock like it was a bull and I was the cowgirl, it didn’t take long for me to orgasm. He broke loose from my grip and grabbed my hips, he started to pound me with force, I couldn’t hold back, I orgasmed again only this time my pussy squirted all over him, he knows exactly how to make me gush. He grabbed my hips and moved me off of him and told me to bend over, I felt his face burry into my pussy and he licked and sucked on my clit, he positioned himself behind me and slid his cock in, again he grabbed my hips and fucked me with force until I came all over his cock again. His  grip got stronger, I knew he was close, I started to push back as he thrusted me, it hurt so fucking good, and finally came the magic words, “I’m cumming baby” he thrusted harder and his cock exploded inside me, the mixture of my juices and his made a sexy squishing sound and his cum came dripping down the back of my thighs, I turned around and sucked him off as he shot another load of warm cum into my mouth. I swallowed and kissed him and invited him for a morning shower.



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Face Fucked

I was laying on the bed playing with my vibrator when my hubby walked in, he loves to watch me pleasure myself. It didn’t take long for him to undress, he stood next to the bed naked and hard, the site of his big juicy cock made my juices flow, I rubbed my clit as he slide his fingers in me, my toes curled as I let out an explosive orgasm. He told me to lay on my stomach, he ran his fingers through my hair as he gripped the back of my neck, he looked at me  and said “suck my dick” he gripped my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, taking as much of that big cock as I could take, my eyes watered as he held his cock in my throat, he slowly pulled it out and then quickly rammed it back in my throat, again he held his cock in my throat. I’ve been sucking his cock for years and I sill can’t get used to trying to deep throat him. I looked up at him as I was chocking on his cock, he looked down and said “I’m going to fuck your mouth”, he gripped my neck with both hands and slowly started to pump my mouth with his cock, every thrust he went deeper into my mouth, I slide my vibrator under his balls and up against his ass, he started to fuck my mouth even faster, his cock ramming my throat, I gagged with each thrust. I turned my vibrator to the highest speed as it was pressed against his ass, he moaned and started to go faster, he looked at me and said “I’m going to fucking cum” he pulled  out and started jerk his cock, I dropped my vibrator and grabbed his ass to pull him close, taking his cock as deep as I could, he squeezed my neck and pulled my hair with the other hand, he let out a loud moan saying “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” his cock started to throb and finally he exploded, my mouth filled with his huge load of warm cum, it dripped out of my mouth as I sucked hard, taking every last drop. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and swallowed his load, I jerked his cock only to be surprised my another gush of cum shoot on to my face, I cleaned it off with my fingers and licked them, I stood up and passionately kissed him, his cum still on my lips, he bent me over on the bed and smacked the hell out of my ass. We ended our night with a shower.

The Best Husband

I came home from work on a Friday night at the usual time not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Upon arriving home I was surprised to see hubby was preparing dinner and had three places set at the table. I asked “Who is the third place set for?” He just said he had friend coming over, with no further explanation. I went into the bedroom and slipped into a comfortable sun dress and came back into the kitchen. He told me to just sit and relax and he poured me a glass of wine. This was usually a sign he was feeling horny and wanted me to feel the same way. Wine has that effect on me. As I’m sitting with my wine, the doorbell rings and I get up to answer it. I open the door and there stood the second most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on,(my hubby being the first). The man was easily six feet tall with a very muscular build. He had dark hair, his is blue eyes looked me up and down and he smiled showing he liked what he saw. I was a little surprised at this as he was supposed to be a friend of my hubby, He said “Hi, I’m Alex, your husbands friend.” I welcomed him in and let my hubby know he was here. We made small talk for a little bit while hubby finished the dinner preparation. We sat down to dinner and continued making small talk, but Alex kept giving me a look, like he was hungry. I found him to be very sexy, but was surprised my hubby wasn’t picking up on this. Next thing I know, I feel a hand on my thigh, knowing my hubby was feeling horny, I figured he was working on getting me there too. His hand inching it’s way towards my pussy, slowly reaching under my dress and gently pulling my thong to one side. He noticed immediately the wine was working as my pussy was already wet, he pushed a finger inside of me and I squirmed, trying not to show anything on my face about what was happening under the table. I concentrated on my glass of wine, when all of sudden I felt another hand and looked at my hubby. He had one hand under the table and the other was holding his cocktail, it was then I realized it was Alex! Looking stunned, my hubby just winked at me and smiled, giving a nod to Alex, letting him know it was ok. I sat there with my hubby’s fingers probing my pussy and Alex’s hands caressing my inner thigh. I kept looking from my hubby to Alex not sure what to think, but my mind running crazy with the thoughts of what was happening. First off, I was unsure how my hubby would react if I showed I was enjoying it, but then realizing Oh My God I was totally enjoying it!!! I looked at my hubby and he smiled, told me to relax and enjoy it. So I did, I spread my legs a little wider and felt my hubby’s  fingers withdraw only to be replaced by Alex’s big hands. It’s amazing how you get so used to your husband’s touch that the touch of another man can be so electrifying . Feeling Alex’s fingers enter my pussy almost made me cum right there. A little moan slipped out of my mouth. Alex was fucking me with his fingers with such intensity it wouldn’t be long before I reached orgasm. My hubby seeing me enjoying this so much, came over to me and pulled down the front of my dress and pulled my breasts from my bra and began to suck my nipples. I looked into his eyes as the orgasm began to build, he held my gaze smiling at me and watching the intensity on my face. He kissed me as the waves of my orgasm crashed over me. He looked at me and mouthed “I love you” and smiled. It was such a surreal moment that I almost forgot it was Alex who had just given me the most amazing orgasm. I looked at him and he was smiling at me as his fingers were playing in my wetness. I was still so horny and it must have shown on my face as both men stood up and helped me to my feet, as my legs were a little shakey. My hubby led the way into the bedroom and stopped just short of the bed and turned and slowly began to undress me from the front, then Alex came up behind me, removed my dress and unhooked my bra and peeled it off. He reached his hands around and played with my breasts. He was pushing against me from behind and I could feel his hard cock, my pussy throbbed at the thought. My hubby had worked my dress and thong off and I stood naked between two very handsome men. I said “I don’t want to be the only naked person here” and both my hubby and Alex started to undress, all I could do was watch with hunger, now knowing exactly what was going to happen tonight. As the guys finished undressing, I lay on the bed and couldn’t help but rub my fingers on my very wet pussy. Alex was undressed first and he immediately dropped to his knees and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. His pulled my fingers from my pussy and sucked my juices off of them. Then he bent in and gently blew on my pussy, sending a shiver throughout my body. Then his tongue began it’s assault on my clit, causing me to moan and squirm. By now my hubby was naked and standing at the edge of the bed with his big cock standing at attention. He climbed onto the bed and knelt over me so I could suck is throbbing cock. I loved the taste of his manhood. His cock was so hard and big around, normally it was hard for me to get him into my mouth. But I was so horny I didn’t even realize I was practically swallowing half the length of his shaft. He began slowly bucking his hips in and out of my mouth, I sucked on him until he had to stop before he came. All the while Alex was eating my pussy, and had me at the brink of another orgasm when he popped his thumb into my asshole. It shocked me at first and caused me to pause, but then he began moving it in and out while continuing to lick and suck my pussy, that was it, I was screaming with my hubby  cock in my mouth while another thundering orgasm shook my body. When I came back to my senses both men were lying on either side of me. I thought I must be dreaming to have these two beautiful men in bed with me, both of them running their hands all over my body. My hubby was rubbing my ass and left breast and Alex was rubbing my pussy and my right breast. I looked from my hubby to Alex and felt tingles all over. I leaned over and kissed my hubby, a full on, full of Love kiss. Then I leaned over and kissed Alex with a fuck me now passion. He got the hint and climbed on top of me and pushed his rock hard pole into my hot, wet and waiting pussy. He wasn’t  larger than my hubby and he knew that, as both men had seen each other at this point. He pushed into me, slowly and just let his cock rest in my pussy for a few minutes. I was used to it and ready for all of it in seconds. I started bucking my hips and he followed suit. He began slowly pumping and I couldn’t help myself and looked at him and said ” FUCK ME!” With that said he took off like a rocket and began pounding his cock into my sloppy wet pussy. While he is pounding into me, my hubby is sucking my nipple on my left and rubbing and pinching the other nipple. He stops sucking and looks at me and kisses me so hard, I am so horny and I feel another orgasm coming on. Alex’s cock is rocketing in and out of me and I can feel his cock grow harder and I hear him start a guttural moan. My hubby is now laying beside me stroking his rock hard shaft, which is a total turn on for me. It’s more than I can take and my orgasm pulses thru my pussy which sends Alex over the top and I can feel his cock spewing his load into me. He slows down and let’s my pussy milk every last drop from his cock. When he is milked dry, Alex taps him on the shoulder and he gets up and my hubby takes his position. He doesn’t take but a second and he is pounding in and out of my pussy with fury. He has watched Alex bring me to climax 3 times now and he wants to show he still has what it takes for me. And he does! He knows just how to position himself and drive deep. He grinds himself and rubs on my clit, his fingers finding my asshole and begin poking in and out. The assault on my pussy is so overwhelming with pleasure I almost black out, but then I feel him growing harder and feel the deep deliberate drives into my hot, dripping pussy. I hear his breathing quicken and I know his climax is near, knowing he is about to come, sends me into yet another mind blowing orgasm. My hubby feeling my pussy contracting on his shaft, sends his hot cum deep into me. Again, my contracting pussy is milking his thick cock. When every last drop is milked from his cock he rolls to the side of me and let’s out a completely satisfying sigh. I look at him and can see he is still coming down from his orgasm. I almost forgot Alex was even there, until he reaches over and starts rubbing my nipple between his fingers. I turn to him and see he is stroking his cock, which has come back to full attention. I realize this night is not over yet and smile. I’m thinking to myself, could this be the night my fantasy becomes a reality? All 3 of us lay there for a few minutes just rubbing each other’s bodies, kissing and teasing. My hubby is kissing my neck and lifts his head to whisper into my ear, “I love you.” I look over to him and kiss him and tell him I love him too. He then gives me a funny smile and looks at Alex and gives him a nod. Before I know it, Alex pulls me on top of him, guiding me down onto his pole. I’m on my knees and he starts pumping up from the bed, up and down, in and out. The motion feels so good. I am thoroughly enjoying his cock sliding in and out of my very stretched and wet pussy when I feel my hubby behind me. He reaches down and runs his fingers from my pussy to my ass, bringing my juices with it. He begins rubbing my juices into my ass, making it nice and slippery. With my ass lubed from my own juices he slowly pushes his big rock hard cock into my ass. Words cannot describe the sensation of having two cocks inside you at the same time. Alex is filling my pussy with his thick shaft and my husband is filling my ass with his thick shaft. I can feel the two cocks sliding together, I ask if they can feel each other and they both moan “YES”. Alex is pumping my pussy and my hubby is pumping my ass, I can’t believe this is happening. This is my fantasy right here and it is better then I ever imagined. Alex is pumping in and out of my pussy and I start pushing back onto my hubby  cock in my ass. The sensation of Alexs cock sliding into my pussy as I push my hubbys cock deeper into my ass is mind blowing. I am moaning and screaming with pleasure. Alex  grabs my breast and starts sucking my nipple. His hot wet mouth on my nipple only increases my pleasure. I am climbing fast to an orgasm, but it is so much more than “just an orgasm”. My entire body is pulsing with pleasure, the feeling has no description. The man I love more then anything is pumping into my ass with fury while Alex is pummeling my pussy. All I can do is rock back and forth keeping time with the boys. The motion and the sensation of these two cocks has pushed me to the very brink of this whole body orgasm. I start screaming and trembling with the first waves of this incredible episode and it just keeps coming and coming. The waves keep crashing over me, every inch of my body is covered with goosebumps. Every nerve ending is alive with pleasure. My pussy is a river, this whole body orgasm is wracking my body when I feel Alex’s piston of a cock start to cum deep inside of my pussy. my hubby, feeling Alex’s cock spewing, starts his own earth shattering orgasm. He fills my ass with his hot cum. The sensation of having two cocks coming at once inside me is more than I can take. I’m screaming and bucking wildly, Alex and my hubby holding me tightly to keep us all bound together. Slowly, we begin to settle into a rhythm of me rocking back and forth on Alex’s cock, while my hubby gently pushes in and out of my ass. Finally I collapse on Alex and feel my hubbys cock slide out of my ass. I roll off of Alex and his softening cock. my hubby lays down next to me and asks if this fulfilled my fantasy? I asked “how did you know this was my fantasy? ” He said he watched my face when we watched those double penetration videos and he knew he had to make that happen for me. Laying there with Alexs cum running out of my throbbing pussy and my hubby’s huge load running out of my ass, I have to say…I have the best husband….EVER!

His Birthday Threesome

We had reached a point in our sex life where we needed the little burning flame to turn into a raging bonfire. I sent him a text one day with pictures of a couple of female friends, I told him to pick one so I could ask her to join us. Being the gentlemen he was, he kindly denied the gesture and asked for me to pick. I had already known who I wanted and I was hoping he would let me choose. I called her up that night, she was all about it, she had a secret crush on me and after I sent her a pic of the husbands cock, she seemed to be even more excited.  When we arrived to Palm Springs, the hubby and I enjoyed a little us time, that’s after he fucked the life out of me on the desk of the hotel room. We enjoyed the day and then we met up for dinner and drinks, she sat across from us, she had on a tight sexy dress, her thighs looked so delicious. After dinner we went to a small outdoor restaurant/bar. We ordered some shots as the hubby drank his beer. Luckily we had taken a Uber so we did’t have to drive. Finally it was that time, his birthday night was about to become even better. The Uber ride back to the hotel turned very exciting. The driver got to see our breasts, and enjoyed watching us blow my hubby as he finger fucked my friend. When we got to the room he sat in front of her and placed his swollen cock in her mouth she was so willing to take him in, sucking him slowly then fast then slowly again. Knowing all the while his release is building, he pulled away from her, he wasn’t  ready to cum just yet. He slowly stroked himself as he placed his balls in my mouth, he loves to have his balls sucked. I gently sucked at first then a little harder, I nibbled gently then a little harder on his balls. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hard and fast. He looked at her laying there taking it all in and asked her to touch herself. Hesitant at first but needing to be touched so bad she slowly started rubbing her swollen pussy, she rubbed all around her lips up and down slowly until she couldn’t  stand it anymore she then start rubbing her clit, a gasp escaped her lips the anticipation had been building she needed so badly be touched more…..she rubbed her clit easy to begin with then harder and faster as her orgasm built up. She moaned with pleasure as she slid her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. We stoped what we were doing to watch her……she was on display for us and oh how sexy she looked. I leaned down and whispered in her ear ” does it feel good baby?” “yes “she moaned “but I need more”…..please give me more”… “Tell me what you want”, “I want to hear you say it”….she paused  ….then weakly I heard her say “please please lick me now.”…”what ?” “what was that you said “…..again she said  “please V, please lick me I want it so bad”……I moved between her legs and she so eagerly opened them for me…….I saw that she was so wet….slowly I started licking her all over up and down her lips, I opened her with my fingers and stuck my tongue deep inside her to taste her sweetness. my hubby could no longer take it and moved behind me and slowly slid his  big hard cock in my wet waiting pussy…..I moaned into her pussy, he felt so good..slowly he fucked me as I licked her….the excitement was to much it was not long until she was cumming all over my face. I continued to lick her making sure I got every last bit of her sweet cum in my mouth……He fucked me harder so I pulled my face from between her legs and lay my head on her stomach. She rubbed my head and ran her fingers through my hair as he fucked me fast and hard he knows just how I like it. above my moans I heard her tell him “don’t cum in her I want it all over my titties”……he told her to get closer because it wouldn’t be long…she slid down to where he was and he pulled out of me and shot his hot cum all over her chest. She rubbed it in and said “you’re not done yet!” I told her to lay next to me and look to the side there was a big mirror on the wall, so she could see her reflection .She could watch everything just by looking to the side. Slowly I knelt between her  legs and tasted her, I wanted to make sure she was nice and wet for him when he slid his hard cock inside her. I moved out of his way, he stepped between her legs and slowly slid into her. I leaned down and said ” look to the side baby and watch while he fucks you”,  “watch his cock slide in and out of you , it is so sexy to watch his big hard cock in your sweet sexy pussy” . “You like that don’t you girl? you like to see and feel him inside you.. I think you like it when I talk to you while he is fucking you too. Do you want to be fucked harder?” I asked and she moaned “yes” “tell him then, tell him to fuck you, he likes it when you talk to him”…….she started talking to him moaning his name as he fucked her, telling him to fuck her hard, he felt so good inside of her. She told him how sexy his cock looks inside her pussy….”let go baby cum for him, cum all over his big hard cock”…….I bent down to kiss her as she let go and cum for him……he could not hold out any longer and released his hot cum deep inside her, she continued to squeeze his cock with her pussy until she milked him dry. He bent down and kissed her as she lay there breathless from her orgasm, she looked at  him and said “let me taste it” he knelt next to her face, his cock still rock hard, she sucked him till he pulled back and jerked it as he still had some left, she opened her mouth as he shot one more load of cum on her face, I got up with excitement and sucked him clean, she laid back as I kissed her and licked the cum off her face, then I slowly let it drip out of my mouth into hers, we passionately kissed, swapping my hubby cum back and fourth. We all lay there breathless and waiting for the next round to start. It was the best birthday he ever had.


Mrs. I’m in control

My hubby likes to think he’s in charge in the bedroom, don’t get me wrong he is amazing in the sheets and he certainly knows how to make me orgasm, but we all know women have all the control. He had a long day from working around the house, he laid in bed next to me and I started to rub up on him, hinting that I wanted some sex, he said he was tiered and wasn’t up for it, me being the demanding one, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began kissing his neck, then down his chest and belly, then nibbled on his hips and along the inside of his thighs. I nudged at his balls and slowly, gently licked and sucked one into my mouth, and then the other. I looked up at him, He didn’t seem to be thinking about painting the ceiling. His cock was already hard and straining as I licked up its underside. I ran my tongue along the head and into the crease, then I slid my lips over the head. I began slowly sliding my mouth down the shaft, with my tongue working the underside. I looked up again, with his cock in my mouth. I seemed to have his attention. I would slide down an inch, licking to keep him wet, then increase pressure as I pulled my mouth up to the tip, then slide down a couple of inches, increase pressure and pull up again, then do it again a little further. My hand was on his belly; I could feel him breathing shallowly. I laughed to myself. Mr. “I’m In Control Around Here” was melting in my hands. Suddenly, he reached around to the base of my neck, twisted my hair around his hand a couple of times and used it to shove my face onto his cock. I gagged; my hubby is not a small man. He held me down like that, with his cock deep in my throat. I was choking and struggling, but that didn’t seem to faze him. He tightened his grip, and pulled me off his cock, but only to the tip. He held me there for a moment, then plunged me back onto it. I gagged, and drool began to pool at the base of his cock. He pulled me up again, then began to face fuck me, rhythmically pushing me down and yanking me back up, with a firm grip on my hair and the base of my neck. My eyes were watering, but after a minute or so I was accustomed to being deep-throated by him and no longer gagged at each plunge onto his cock. After a few minutes, he pulled me up, half an inch from the tip of his cock, and held me there. I could see his cock, but I could no longer touch it or taste it. I grabbed his hands and pined them down and quickly straddled his hard cock, his hands still pinned to the side I began to ride the fuck out of him, I could feel him getting ready to explode, he put his hands on my hips to slow me down, I grabbed them and pinned him back down, I went faster and faster until he let out a moan, I kept grinding him as he whimpered like a wounded puppy, I could feel him throbbing inside me and I could feel his juices running out of me, I kept going faster until he finally broke free and pulled me close. I kissed his head and whispered “I just made you my bitch” he laughed and said “thats no lie” we ended our evening with a nice shower.

He had me at hello

The very first day I met my hubby I knew he was something special, he was handsome and charming and very funny. I made him wait a couple of months before we had sex, he threw me the “I just want to warn you, I’m kinda big”, In my mind I thought to myself, all men think that……well to my surprise the first time he whipped that thing from his boxer briefs I wanted to run for the hills, it was by far bigger than what I have had but my goodness it was so beautiful, to this day it still hurts when he pounds me hard but I love love love to play with it.