Hubby’s at work and I’m horny

Since I don’t have his big hard cock to ride, I thought id bring out the big toy to make up for him not being here. It felt so fucking good!! Enjoy!!!





Latex fun

I always try to keep the flame lit and one of the way I do it is by dressing up and it seems to do the job. Enjoy……




Rise and shine

It’s going to be a fantastic Monday. Woke up and looked over at hubby’s morning wood and decided I would take advantage before I went off to work. I love love love love some big hard dick and warm cum in the morning. Enjoy!!!!!



New email

Hello readers, I am so sorry I am not able to respond to each and every one of you but our email gets flooded daily with blog notifications. We made a new email just for our readers so feel free to ask away. Just want you all to know we will not do any more request videos or pics, we just want to be able to communicate with you all. Here is the new mail “”

His turn for fun

I had it completely planed out. We had the house all to ourselves and I knew he had some things to do. When hubby left to run his errands I called our female friend over. I’ll admit we had a little fun before hubby got home. As he walked in the house he was greeted by us sitting on the sofa completely naked. He didn’t hesitate to take his clothes off. The site of her fingering me was enough to have that big cock hard and ready to get sucked. He stood in front of us as we both began to lick his dick all the way down to his balls. We started to make out as we continued to suck the tip. Our friend stood up and kneeled behind him as I sucked him. She spread his ass and began to lick it. He gripped my hair and pulled it as I gagged trying to take it all, I heard him moan with pleasure so I knew she was fingering his ass. We stood up and walked to the room. He bent us both over the side of the bed and took turns ramming our pussys. He laid on the bed and I lowered myself to his face as our friend began to ride his dick. When we both orgasmed we switched places. Hubby told her to lay on her back then instructed me to lick her pussy, as I began to lick her I felt his cock press against my asshole, he slid it in my pussy then put it back on my ass, he gripped my hips and slide his cock into my ass, I let out a moan a I continued to lick her. He continued to fuck my ass then began to fuck my pussy again. He told me he was going to cum. Our friend crawled behind me and licked my ass and his cock as he fucked me. He began to thrust me hard until he let out a moan and exploded inside me. He pulled out his cock and my friend began to lick and slurp the cum out of my pussy. I sat up and kissed her and we began to lick and suck him some more. He grabbed our hair and began to slap our faces with his cock then bent down and kissed us. What a lovely way to spend our Friday.

Dirty threesome

Hubby called me and told me he had a surprise for me later in the evening, he didn’t tell me what but told me I’d love it. What a hint lol, it could be tons of things. I came home and hubby was outside cleaning his BBQ grill, there was meat and veggies on the counter. He started to grill while I went and showered. When I finished I went out to the living room. He stood at the fridge and peaked around the door and asked if I would go grab some beer. When I returned from the store there was a familiar car out front. I came inside and hubby and his friend where outside. I grabbed two beers and took them out to them, I handed hubby his beer and he gave me a kiss and smacked my ass. I walked over to give his friend a beer and was greeted by a hug and kiss and a ass grab. I sat outside with them as they talked and drank. As I went to walk inside my hubby grabbed my hand and brought me close and gave me one of the most passionate kisses followed by him grabbing my tits and ass. He continued to kiss me as he reached up my shirt unhooking my bra, I was thinking to myself “holy shit it’s happening out side” I couldn’t help but to rub his cock through his pants. He lifted my shirt over my breasts and began to suck them, his friend sat down on the bench and unzipped his pants, I looked over to see his cock in his hand, hubby walked me over to him and bent me over in front of him. Hubby pulled my pants down to my knees and started to rub my already wet pussy and I took his friends cock in my mouth and began to suck him. I began to gag on it as hubby thrusted his big hard cock into me. I was so into it but all I could think about was that I hoped the neighbor didn’t walk out because our fence is low. Hubby pulled his cock out of me and turned me around. His friend pulled me towards him and I lowered myself onto his cock, hubby guided his cock into my mouth and I started sucking as I grinded on his friend. After a few minutes we went into the house. Hubby laid down on the bed and I climbed on top of his cock and started to ride it. His friend fingered me while hubby was fucking me, he used my juices to lube my ass and he climbed on the bed. He squatted over us and slowly put his cock in my ass. Hubby started thrusting harder and I began to squirt a little, his friend started to thrust my ass a little harder. It felt so amazing. We swapped positions so I could enjoy my hubby’s big cock in my ass. His friend stood on the bed as I sucked him and hubby thrusted my ass. I could feel him getting ready to cum, I grabbed his hips and began to suck harder, hubby knew also as he thrusted my ass harder, I moaned as i orgasmed again. His friend pulled his cock from my mouth and started to jerk it until he came on my face and mouth, hubby moaned he was going to cum and thrusted my ass hard and deep and he emptied his cock inside my ass. I laid in bed between them and jerked them off until they had enough. What a wonderful Friday.

Ass full of cock

Good morning to all of my readers and a happy Christmas Eve, I am sorry I have not been up to date with posting but we have been very busy, the hubby has been working a lot and I’ve been getting stuff ready for the holidays. This morning we took advantage of some quite time. It started off in the kitchen, hubby gave me a great fucking last night. He woke up this morning to make himself a cup of coffee, I came into the kitchen and there he stood naked as can be and his cock hanging there, I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and take his cock into my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to get hard, I had him bend over the kitchen counter while I fingered and ate his ass while jerking him off, I told him to take me into the room and fuck the life out of my ass. It feels so amazing having his big cock ramming my ass. He finished off by cumming down my throat, yummy what an amazing morning, Enjoy the clip you naughty readers.

Hair pulling and ass smacking

I woke up this morning as hubby was getting out of the shower, beads of water where dripping from his beautiful cock, it was only fair that he break me off before he left for work. He walked over as I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He kissed me then placed his hand behind my head and pushed my head down towards his cock. It didn’t take long for me to get him rock hard. He asked me to lay on the bed and tilt my head back over the edge of the bed. He grabbed the sides of my head and slide his hard cock into my mouth, he hesitated and then went further, just enough for me to gag. He slowly started to fuck my mouth and he squeezed my tits. My pussy was instantly wet. He laid on the bed and told me to ride him. I gripped the head of his cock and guided into my soaking wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to thrust me hard, I was cumming within minutes. He told me to get into doggie style, he grabbed my hips again and shoved his big hard cock into me, he started to thrust me hard, pulling my hair and making my head jerk back, he told me to look at him as he pulled then he smacked my ass hard and continued to do so until I came again.  He told me he was going to cum, I got on my knees and told him to cum in my mouth, he jerked his cock and pressed the head up to my lips and shot his warm tasty load into my mouth He pushed me back and shoved his cock in me for a couple more thrusts and unload some more cum inside me. He pulled it out and I sucked him clean, only to be greeted by another shot of cum. What a morning!